Sunday, December 9, 2007

Is That Even Legal...

You know what's funny? No, I mean besides the fact that Brown Guy, Viggy and Other Guy never blog... But how driving in front of a police car makes you question every move you make. I was sitting at a stop sign waiting to turn left onto a road that has quite a bit of traffic on it. I was going to turn into the middle turn lane to avoid having to wait for both sides to be clear when I saw the police car in my mirror. I wondered if that move is even legal. Then I began wondering if half of what people do on the road is legal.

About a month ago Other Guy mentioned Detroit traffic laws or the lack thereof and after a few recent visits I can confirm the notion. It's anarchy on the roads there. You can literally pull a u-turn right in front of a cop in the middle of the road while speeding with all your doors open and no one would care. It's madness.

That's about all.

Drive safe


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