Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mr. Big Shot

Good thing we have 4 people blogging here otherwise no one would ever post (he said sarcastically). There are a whole lot of intolerable people out lately. The Holidays have a tendency to bring out the crazies. But they also seem to be bringing out awesome basketball lately. Pistons v Celtics might have been the best regular season game I have seen in half a decade. It was amazing. Kobe's Lakers are legit without anyone really playing lights out which means they will hopefully get a chance to make it out of the first round this year. The Pistons are finally getting some respect back from people after beating them. Chauncey is so hot right now.

You know what needs to happen. Court side seats at basketball games need to be not so expensive. If they reserved like 5 of them for people to wait in line and by them at a reasonable price at the box office I can guarantee there would be at least a couple hundred people waiting in line every single game. I know I would. I just hate that 2 little 12 year old girls who clearly knows nothing about basketball and could care less about what's going on in the game than the chance that they might make it on the jumbotron get to sit there because their dad has season tickets and doesn't ever go to the game. Nothing could make me more mad than people wasting the best seats at any sporting event period.

Give me the ticket. I mean look at these seats...

I'm out man. Give me your tickets.


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ast said...

I must say, I admire your committment/love/adoration for the Pistons. While they occasionally hurt my feelings (I am still not over the collapse last year) I think I might step in rush hour traffic for them if it meant an extra couple free throws in game seven (pick one).