Thursday, December 6, 2007

Superman That Tree...

So I recently found further proof that my parents think I'm Superman. Our realtor called us (my parents are selling our cottage) and informed us that a tree had fallen in our driveway and it was blocking part of it. My mom tells her not to worry, that I am home and I will move it. I had my doubts. I heard tree, and assumed it weighed more than me. I was right. I got there to see a large birch tree that I definitely could not pick up. I moved a lot of the branches but there was still some work left to do.

I waited for Other Guy to come home to help me out and we set off with a plan to tie it to my car. Unfortunately the driveway was pure ice and even my super powerful 4 wheel drive Subaru almost got stuck in the ice. So, it was up to our brute strength. Here is what happened. Be sure and watch carefully about a 1:35 in when Other Guy meets the ice.


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Nina said...

nice. you know there are people you can hire to do that for you?