Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Starting 5...

Sometimes the boys over here at Ibodera can feel a kindred spirit roaming the streets, silently hating things and having an unfulfilled desire of punching someone in the face. We like to give those people a voice. Call us the Lorax. Anyways, we have a new member of the team. You can check out his first post below.

So without further ado, we present to you, "Lighter than Muki, Darker than Kris." It's a very long name but it's pretty informative as to the pigmentation of his skin.


I finally figured this out...

This is a picture of someone in Chicago trying to live - just live. People should not have to live like this and pay taxes.

The Delivery Man

As I declared to Joe on Monday, I don't read enough fiction novels to give an educated literary critique of his book. He just turned to me and said "Well, did you enjoy reading it? If you did that's all that really matters." I'll be honest, if it wasn't written by a friend of mine I never would've picked it up. I'm glad I did. Most of the events and characters in the book were so drastically different from anything that I've ever experienced that it really made me step back and think about the different lives that people live. I've spent a majority, if not all, of my life surrounded by people that have the same background as me education, family life, social class, career, etc. It is such a strange experience to read a book about characters that are so different. As I read the book I kept thinking that it must be crazy to wake up everyday and have no idea where the day is going to take you. No job to rush off to, no place in particular to be, in fact little to no responsibility at all. I can honestly say I've never had anything close to that experience, except maybe during the summers when I used to be in high school, but I lived with my parents so it isn't even close to being the same. In fact responsibility was instilled in me at such a young age I'm pretty sure I was worrying about saving money to pay for college and my 401K when I was in high school.

Anyhow enough about me for now, I enjoyed the book and I would recommend that you pick up a copy or borrow it from me (I know how some of you are about actually paying for things) Here are some links about what real literary critics had to say about the book.

The New York Times

Washington City Paper

For more check out the book website, which contains other reviews I was too lazy to provide a direct link to. If you are in the DC area Joe will be doing a reading this Thursday, January 31, at 7:00 pm at Politics and Prose. It'll be a great opportunity to stop by and meet the author.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

G-Chat: What's Really Real

I know we're taking this G-Chat sh*t slightly too far. But whatever. I'm taking it even farther and if you don't like it, you can kiss my grits. I'm setting aside some time for Kwame "I like titties" Kilpatrick, so be on the look out for that in the near future. In the meantime, here's a G-Chat from my Domestic Life Partner (DLP) and I to hold folks over:

10:36 AM Brown Guy: Today=Ricockulous
totally ridiculous in every way
two press conferences
it's not even noon
10:37 AM DLP: well i had a lady stick a metal thing up my crotch and then swipe a cotton swap inside me and then she used some jelly to stick her hand in me
i think i win
10:39 AM Brown Guy: Queen takes Rook.


~Brown Guy

Monday, January 28, 2008


I say that from now on all G-chat entries must have Brown guy as one half of the chatter. Recently while trying to persuade Brown Guy to watch Gossip Girl (it's now on an all new night (tonight) and it rules) he tried to shatter my hopes and dreams...

Me: Damn!! Dan told S he loves her and all she said back was 'okay'. Then Chuck told B she sucks and no one wants to be her friend. Now B is gonna go to France to escape her problems. What else could happen?
Brown Guy: you're out of control. you need to find control. and then get back in it
Me: Whatever. you need to drink some sparks. just lose it. go full tilt and watch some gossip girl.
Brown Guy: i'm going to stand by with a camera when you turn 28 and i'm going to watch as life neuters you and then i'm going to make you watch the video of it. "just lose it" only happens on new years. everything else is bills and hustling
Me: when i turn 28, I'm going to neuter life. and then pour some hot sparks on it.
Brown Guy: hahaha. that's hilarious. life will take your hops. and then your balls. no dunking. and no "just lose it."
Me: life sucks. i only lose it a few times a year. remember being 21-23? that was losing it 5 days a week for no good reason. getting wrecked because it was half off on wed? wtf? I can't even go to the bar on wed anymore
Brown Guy: yeah. it's terrible. i just want to wild out. but i really can't. or i'm screwed at work. or in life.

The moral of the story is don't grow up. Move to Neverland (the place not the ranch) and drink Sparks.

Or as my boy R Kelly would say, "Now the moral of story is cuff yo bitch. I'm black, handsome, I sing, cause im rich - and I'ma flirt."


Friday, January 25, 2008

Um Rambo XVII Anyone?

I would guess Swami Says and Brown Guy will have much more to say about this. Until then take a bite of this.

Stallone says he was surprised that the Motion Picture Association of America gave the film an R rating: "When babies are being bayonetted and people are being flamed, I thought this will never go." But he told the ratings board, "I said guys, this is happening today -- and if we're ever going to do something that responds, where art has the ability to influence people's awareness and impact the lives of these people, don't dilute it, don't water it down. . . . Don't cut away too soon. Let it sink it. I want people to feel it. To their credit, they allowed this film to be as truthful as it could."

I never really made it past "babies . . . being bayonnetted"


I know, I know

I promised I would post on Thursdays, but post # 2 into my endeavor and I've already failed. All I can say is, exams are no joke. Until I post for real, here are some fun thoughts...

The mayor committed perjury, and has cost this city nine million dollars thus far! Hooray! Everyone knows that the solution to the D's (official new nickname as voted on by City Council) money woes is donating what little money the taxpayers give to benevolent and scrupulous lawyers! Seriously thought, KK has got to go. I wonder how he'll get out of perjury. Also, as everyone should know by now, if you wrote it in an email or text, someone will find it. Hell, even if it was written with rocks on an island a satellite would probably snap a picture of it. If you are the mayor, are under oath and have both sent and received salacious sex text messages - don't lie about it.

Federer lost! Thank goodness. I know, I know - he may be the best ever. But his barely rivaled (save for Nadal at the French) march into the history books is upsetting, especially for an unabashed Sampras admirer. I appreciate Federer's game as much as any tennis fan - it's beautiful and almost always in "LeBron James video game mode." But hearing him talk post match about how beautiful and amazing his game is grates the nerves. I suppose what bothers me the most is that people try to pass him of as "so humble." Please, he's the Apocalypse of arrogant. That being said, he may be the greatest ever in the game, so he's earned that right. Just don't pass it off as being humble.

My thesis is relevant! Still, I wouldn't worry about mercury in fish too much unless I was currently with child, planning (in the next year or so) to be, or a child younger than five. The guidelines for safe exposure for metals such as mercury and lead are set so that the most susceptible groups will be safe, i.e. we usually err on the side of caution. Still, the amounts of mercury they are talking about in the article are really high and I would not want anyone with developing nervous systems anywhere near the tuna it's contained in.

Holy sh@t. I can't express how wrong this is.

On second thought, I think this counts as my post.

Other guy.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

G-Chat Part 17 Million...

I'm not too big on the whole G-Chat thing. Mostly because I just started using it recently and also because I don't have a job so I don't need it to keep my occupied while I'm getting paid. But recently Brown Guy and I noticed how if you signed up to help support Obama on his website, they ask you for money. Like every day. As if getting letters from high school and college weren't enough...

BrownGuy: Michelle Obama needs to stop asking my broke-a$$ for money fa' real, son
Me: hahaha. i know right. every day. "Swami, guess what? We had a record 100,00 people donate in just 7 days. Let's make it 125,000." shut the fuck up michelle. i don't have any money. stop asking me.
Brown Guy: lol exactly
Me: if so many people are donating, why not just say thank you for your support. why is it every day she is tryin to blow up my spot. the worst is when barack does it because then i feel bad. he's like "Swami, we're making a real change in the world. Anything you can give would be amazing!" And I'm like damn Barack, why you gotta tell me personally. It's so much harder saying no to you than to your annoying wife.
BrownGuy: hahahaha. This is true. Saying no to Barack himself is real tough. It's like scolding a concept.
Dear "inspiration," please stop bothering me about money, but please keep inspiring me. it just doesn't work
Me: hahahahaha. it's a catch 22. it's also bull shit. they should do a background check before they ask me for money. then they would see it's a waste of time
BrownGuy: i do know this, whenever i finally do get some money and donate, i'm going to leave a really snarky testimonial
like "here's a little bit of cash. btw, i pooped my pants thinking about how sweet it would be if you were president. now please leave me alone." --Brown Guy
Me: "PS - Please tell your wife to stop shakin me down. She's worse than the mob."
BrownGuy: seriously


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Metro

I hate the new metro cars. People have no idea where to stand because of the new layout. It's great it the cars are half full, but during rush hour when people pack onto the train the new "handle placements" aren't at all helpful. Metro doesn't seem to understand the majority of people in DC are morons with a "fuck you" mentality. Everyone thinks they are more important than everyone else and for some reason every person that rides the metro is on their way to save their family from a burning building. How else can you explain why people would throw themselves at a closing Orange line door with people already falling out of the doors onto the platform when another Orange line train is two minutes away? See that new bar right next to the door in the picture? There used to be poles that went from the floor to the ceiling near the doors. Why is this important you ask? Well because short and mostly fat lazy people who can't balance needed them to ride the train. (Now I understand that some of our readers are short, it happens, it can't be helped. I also know these readers are not fat and lazy and therefore take up minimal space on a train, so I'm not worried about you) Now that the poles are gone the fat lazy short people only have the bar RIGHT NEXT TO THE DOOR to hold on to if the train is crowded. On the newly designed train this exponentially increases the number of fat people clogging the door when I try to get on the train. The story behind this rant stems from today's morning commute when I tried to get on a moderately crowded train and had to force my way through two fat ugly chicks and a one fat man who wouldn't move away from the door and smelled like McDonald's and funk. Come on Metro there has to be some way to solve this.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Money Is Soooo Last Year

So the Dow finished under 12,000 pts today. That's it folks. My goose is cooked. Because I've chosen to invest my money in stuff like designer drugs, oil refineries, commercial banks, media conglomerates and other things that generally make individual peoples' lives very difficult, I feel that the powers that be are now punishing me for my actions. And I doubt I'm alone. Let's face it, people; our economy is screwed. I was just reading something the other day about how you could buy a house in Sterling Heights, Michigan for a bushel of cotton and some pizza-flavored Combos.

The bottom line is that I've just decided that I'm liquidating all of my assets, purchasing a chain gun, and a lifetime supply of bottled water and Ramen Noodles.

~Brown Guy


To those who don't know the term, 'assing-out' is used to refer to those individuals who fall asleep when they should not. Often it is a friend (or Other Guy) at the bar or while drinking. Assing-out leads to ridicule and often drawing on faces. There are many types of assing-out but few as hilarious as the public-ass-out. Can you imagine a funnier picture than the recollection of a friend slumped over at the bar asleep, or passed out on the couch during a party? These are the regular images that come to my mind when I picture it. But now there is a new hero for those tired few...


Quick Gmail Chat

Blogging for one straight week is tough. I'll be back strong tomorrow. Until then here's another quick Gmail Chat.

Me: I told Muki to try to talk to him . . . but it's muki
Brown Guy: it is indeed muki
or possibly "mookie"
Me: m'ewe'kie
Brown Guy: lol

Seriously though, I do talk to people other than Brown Guy via Gmail Chat it's just not always that funny.


Monday, January 21, 2008

Are You Not Entertained....

Lame post but it's my day. If you haven't been watching, you need to.


ps - mondays at 8. do it. also. go see some movies. there will be blood.

Friday, January 18, 2008


I know most of you don't care about basketball or even basketball shoes, but you all can understand how the release of the Jordan XX3 is going to be a huge deal. For those of you who hate Nike as well as their overpriced shoes at least I can say they are working on "going green."

• AIR JORDAN XX3 is the first basketball shoe in Nike's history to be designed according to Nike Considered ethos.
• The design of the AIR JORDAN XX3 minimizes waste and use of solvent based cements.
• Outsole uses environmentally preferred rubber that reduces toxics and incorporates Nike Grind material from footwear outsole manufacturing waste.
• The construction of the shoe emphasizes the use of environmentally preferred materials.

This is one of the hottest Jordan designs we've seen so far.

I'll drop more information on these when the release date gets closer.

Tigers Rule...

Not to say that it wasn't a bad thing that those kids got mauled to death by that Tiger, but they kind of deserved it. It was confirmed that they were indeed taunting the tiger. One of the kids was standing on top of the fence waving and yelling at it. WTF? Why on earth would you taunt a tiger. Is there anyone in the world who doesn't know that a tiger will eat you. There should be a rule that if you wouldn't do something to an animal in the wild, you shouldn't do it when the animal is in a cage and angry.

I mean look at this thing. Why would you taunt it.

What the hell is wrong with people. Didn't they learn anything ever?


Hodge Podge

Some scary stuff is out there...

Doctors have been over-prescribing antibiotics at the behest of a drug crazed nation for a while now, and more and more drug resistant bacterial strains are coming of it. MRSA USA300 sounds pretty scary and is already immune to an array of antibiotics. Any disease that can manifest itself as necrotizing fassciitis is not to be messed with. This particular "superbug" is thought to have evolved in the hospital setting but a particularly virulent strain seems to be spreading among certain gay populations in San Francisco, L.A. and Boston.

What is strange to me is why this disease, as HIV did some years back manifests itself in gay populations first. When the first disease occurrences started happening in the general public, how did the disease wind up in the one subset of the population? From a hepatitis epidemic in the 1970's, the HIV, and now this - why is this population the first to be hit? I can imagine fairly clearly how the disease spreads since unprotected anal sex is a risky endeavor, but I can't reason why the disease would start in a certain population. Certainly, there are heterosexual men and women who live in the same area and frequent the same places, and yet there is no mention of them in the news. This also begs the question, are gay men as promiscuous as stereotype would have it? It's my belief that women are usually the rate limiting step in the process of having sex (i.e. -it's basically up to them, most men are game anytime), so if two men are attracted to each other, is casual sex more likely? This guy says that gay men are more promiscuous than lesbian women. (Unfortunately, when I'm trying to look up papers and statistics, I end up with stuff like this, which is when I stop looking), but I couldn't find anything about gay vs. lesbian vs. heterosexual (I'm sure it's out there, I didn't look too hard tho). Whether or not that is true, the fact that people forget how crucial protection is, and think of HIV and other STD's as a disease of yesteryear is pretty alarming.

With regards to the antibiotic resistant bacterial strains cropping up, many also believe that the hormones and antibiotics we force feed our livestock adds to the problem. Indeed, an incredible amount of antibiotics ingested in this country are done so all those animals we love to eat. All this got me interested in reading the first book by the green movements author de jour, Michael Pollan - The Omnivoire's Dilemma. In 8 years when I finish it, I'm sure it will be eye opening. I did read an interview of him in which he pointed out that no country is as obsessed with nutritional facts as we are, and yet, no country is fat. I had never thought about the obesity problem in that light. Yes, there is a genetic component, and it's probably very substantial. But most of the genes in this country are shared by people with similar alleles around the world; and the world does not have obesity like we do. We are off track for the Healthy People 2010 goal for obesity, and if North Dakota is any indication, we are only making negative progress.

What's the point of all this? I don't really have one. I would tell people to burn some calories making the sweet romance - but these articles make sex seem pretty scary regardless of sexual preference. I suppose I'll just wait until Wii-sex comes out. 'Course, there is still the danger of ejaculating your controller into the screen, so make sure you strap up before you play that as well.

-Other guy

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm not Jay Bilas, but . . .

why does "our" basketball team have to suck so much??? We've sucked** since the mid-nineties. At what point can I adopt another college basketball team as my own? I've stuck with them through Brian Ellerbe, "Peanut" aka Reed Baker, Avery Queen, Gavin Groninger, Maize Rage, Tommy "Turtleneck" Amaker, a loss to Harvard, Josh Asselin, "Soft Serve" aka Courtney Simms, and Dommanic Ingerson. The worst would have to be the year we lost to Duke at Cameron Stadium. (Yeah I know, we lose every time we play there) Let me help to jog your memory, it was the year that the Duke fans actually cheered for us the first time we scored. At that point the score was 36 to 2 in favor of Duke.

The image above pretty much sums it up. Are the marketing people at Michigan so desperate this is the only thing they can come up with? It's like winning the "Shit Scooper of the Year" award. It doesn't matter how much you try to dress it up, you're still getting an award for shoveling other people's shit.

The worst thing of all is that every year they get my hopes up only to dash them by losing nine of their last twelve games to miss the NCAA Tourney and end up in the NIT. I'll give it one more year. If it doesn't work I'm going to take an online one credit correspondence course at Kansas, UCLA, or North Carolina. I just can't take much more . . .


**I really wish I could think of a word better then "sucked." I don't even think that begins to describe how terrible we've been.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Vistabula the Chicago Story

(A Continuation of NBA News)

Our team of beat reporters and bloggers attended last nights Cook County Recreational C League Game between the Deerpark Water Playaz and the Jordan 2K7's. The Playaz came away with a 72-56 victory in which Ramana Vistabula's replacement Chaoom Armstrong (league rookie) dominated the defensive paint. Armstrong shattered the league records for blocks in a game with 4 and also drew three charges.

"So much more graceful and mobile then Vistabula," gushed Harry Jefferson of the Cook County Recreational Services.

"He (Armstrong) was everywhere on the court, it's really tough to get shots up over him," said Casey Kimm of the 2K7's.

"An enforcer," said Tighe Moon of the 2K7's.

What follows are excepts taken from an extensive interview with Edward Purnell coach/general manager/owner/player/team doctor/ballboy/cheerleader of the Deerpark Water Playaz.

"It was tough to let Vistabula go, but the $22.56 was enough to help put us under the Gatorade cap number for next season. That gives us more flexibility in the long run and hopefully we'll be able to bring in some flavors to supplement our current supply of Gatorade Fierce Grape."

On the teams newest addition Chaoom Armstrong.

"Armstrong was unbelievable tonight. I've never seen anyone control the defensive paint like that. The idea to bring Armstrong on came to me at work today after I realized we would struggle to replace Vistabula's defense. I was watching the Better Basketball video series and they were working on a shooting drill using a broom to encourage the players to shoot the ball with more arc. The coach would run at the shooter with the broom and the player would be forced to put the shot up higher to avoid being blocked. So after lunch I taped a broom to an extra folding chair we had and Chaoom Armstong was born."

On the name.

"Armstrong happened to be the name brand of the broom. . . "

Our team gathered some additional quotes and stories from Purnell and other players on both teams, so look for an overall update from Chicago in the coming days. We'll hopefully be joining you from L.A. soon to give you an update on Vistabula's progress.

~ The Scoop

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Annapolis, the day trip

A quick recap of our Saturday day trip to Annapolis. Amazingly despite the large amounts of midshipmen walking around no "seamen" jokes were dropped during our trip.

Annapolis can be a confusing place.

The water was warm and tempting

We witnessed where "laws" are created.

The stifling heat of 38 degrees enticed the group (minus Viggy) to get ice cream. I blame the doctor of the group.

Who Is The Real R-Kelly of Basketball?

Hmm. I do wonder.

Folks, one of my good friends/co-bloggers "Swami-Says" or "Viggy" will go down in history as the R-Kelly of basketball. Right now, it's a toss-up and it's up to you to decide which one of them fits the bill. But let's review the facts, shall we? On one hand,

  • Swami-Says penned a song called "You Remind Me (of Rasheed)" that he sings to girls on karaoke night. And in case you were wondering, this goes over extremely well with the ladies. The lyrics go like this:
  • You remind me of something I just can't think of what it is

    [1] - You remind me of Rasheed, You cry like a baby,

    You know I like that sound, I wanna give you a tissue,
    Girl you look just like my gym floor, I wanna wax it

    And something like my technical foul
    I wanna get fined for $10,000, baby
  • Swami-Says's also eats, sleeps and sharts basketball and yells out "LET IT RAIN" when the weather turns funky. (copyright Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Along Came Polly)
  • Swami-Says implores a traveling mural/alter, as well as dedicated apartment space to "The Bad Boys" and their short shorts-wearing team.
On the other hand,
  • Viggy has a propensity to continuously declare that he is "tired of playing" or does "not feeling like playing" and then forgoes all else to play pickup basketball 8 out of 7 days a week come hell or high water. He once explained to me the failure of his words and actions to congeal by saying, and I quote, "Kris, my minds telling me no-000. But my body. My booooody's tellin' me yea-eah!!"
  • Viggy also has the penchant for soliciting support for books, utilizing the undeniable logic that says 'if the author has a wicked jump shot, his or her book must be good.' I simply can't argue with that.

Now it's up to you readers to decide. Sound off on our message board and let me know who the real sultan of basketball love truly is.

~Brown Guy

PS. I realize that it's "on" now. Sux.

PPS. One of the funniest lines ever put to screen is that old woman on the Chappelle Show who uttered, "that's my Robert. Always peeing on people." Indeed.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Strange Wilderness

So the trailer for this new film, "Strange Wilderness," is out and I didn't think much of it until the last 30 seconds (with the shark) when I seriously lost it...

...If you're eating ice cream, or anything else with the potential to create a huge mess, swallow or spit it out before viewing.


~Brown Guy

The greatest organization???

"Also, the Pistons are the greatest organization in the history of sport."


An excerpt from the Associated Press this morning.

Pistons narrowly miss lowest point total in team history

DET (28-10) 65
NYK (10-26) 89 Final
7:00 PM ET, January 13, 2008
Madison Square Garden

NEW YORK (AP) -- It was so ugly, Chauncey Billups had to do some heavy scrubbing to put it behind him.

"I just got off the shower, washed it off," Billups said. "I washed it right off on that shower. Got to forget about that one. That was bad."

At least when one of their worst nights ever was over, the Detroit Pistons finally could go home.

Detroit needed a three-point play by Amir Johnson with 13 seconds left to avoid finishing with the lowest point total in franchise history. The Pistons shot 30.7 percent (23-of-75), matching the NBA low for field goals made in a game this season.

With the Pistons playing the finale of a four-game, five-night road trip and coming off a 103-100 overtime victory in Charlotte on Saturday, the Knicks rolled to their most lopsided victory of the season, giving coach Isiah Thomas a rare easy night -- against his former team, no less.

"We knew they would be pretty tired and we tried to play with as much energy as we possibly could and I think we caught them on a good night," said Thomas, who led the Pistons to two NBA titles. "They were a little flat and we played a good basketball game."

I'm not saying the Pistons aren't a good team and probably the eventual 2008 Eastern Conference champion, but only scoring 65 against the Knicks is unacceptable.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

NFL Playoffs

This is what I envision when I think of the NFL playoffs.

This needs to happen every year. Either the Packers need to make the playoffs every year or the NFL needs to simply start scheduling at least one playoff game at Lambeau Field. I'm tired of domes, the weather makes everything more interesting.

Are Those Your Clothes?

Just to give Viggy a break I thought I would post this hilarious video. Paul Rudd blows my shit away. He's one funny dude.

Also, the Pistons are the greatest organization in the history of sport.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

More Gmail Chat . . .

Me: We need to go to Guarapo sometime, the menu looks delicious
Brown Guy: You mean I can eat skewers and then smoke hookah?
this is simply too good to be true
Me:I've never been there for dinner just drinks
they have Lomo Saltado and according to the menu
Salted Strip of Lion?????
Brown Guy: Um
Me: Lion?
Brown Guy: For real?
Me: I dunno, that's what it says
Brown Guy: That seems illegal
(and i want some)
Me: Maybe its slang for something else?
The menu says it's $15 and it comes with fries
Brown Guy: It's probably a pork chop
if that's not actual lion, I'm going to be angry
dude, we're going there
and if we can't eat lion, I'm flipping the table and running out
Me: Haha
they also have salmon
Brown Guy: No
can you image how you'll feel after eating the king of the jungle?
I can't wait
Me: Yeah I googled every combination of "eating" and "lion" I could think of there is no mention of anything related
they must have misspelled "loin"
Brown Guy: Well now it's on my brain and I won't stop until it happens

Friday, January 11, 2008

Gmail Chat . . .

I am regularly part of many hilarious Gmail chats with Brown Guy (and others) so I thought I would start sharing some of my favorites every week or so. (The chat below happened shortly after the Mitchell Report was released.)

Me: So everyone in baseball does steroids . . . it doesn't bother me at all
Brown Guy: Me neither
frankly, I wish they did more
there would be more homeruns
that's all I care about
more homeruns
Me: Exactly, no one likes to watch "solid base hits"
Brown Guy: I'd like to watch someone hit a 700 foot homerun
I don't care if they're hopped up on Sparks and Andro
Me: You want to watch someone throw at 110 mph
Brown Guy: Yep
all that stuff
a 56 inch vertical leaper playing center field
Me: Baseball should just embrace it
Brown Guy: I think so, otherwise the sport is unbearable to watch
Me: Yeah, I feel like it's a bunch of old people who actually care
Brown Guy: "The good old days"
Me: I'm not sure anyone under 20 watches baseball
unless they are taken by old people
or need something to do while drinking during the summer
Brown Guy: Yep, baseball is terrible

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blog Resurrection

So our six readers have probably been wondering where we've been and why Swami has been the only one posting. I would love to tell you a tale of heroics and life altering events that have kept us from devoting time to our readers. In fact we are simply lazy. No more! We solemnly vow to update on a regular (possibly even daily) basis and keep you interested, entertained, satisfied, and possibly even skinnier. Well maybe not skinnier, but hey at least we can advise you that the salad is a better choice then the Sparks and Cheetos.


The Ibodera Blog

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Embarrassingly Hilarious...

Me, Brown Guy and Other Guy doing things on Sparks we shouldn't be doing...


ps - forgive us