Saturday, March 15, 2008

B-Boy Alert....

My boy Viggy alerted me to the fact that folks who write for this blog typically have on-point views on music across multiple genres. In getting that point across, I wanted to give folks some insight on what's currently in a Brown dude's typical rotation these days, so here's a quick B-Boy mix for your perusal/consumption:

“Desire” – Pharaohe Monch

“Bring Y’All Back Main” – Pete Rock feat. Little Brother

“Body Movin’” – J Dilla

“McNasty Filth” – Jaylib

“Boondock Saints” – DJ Drama & Little Brother w/L.E.G.A.C.Y. and Chaundon

“The Getaway” – Little Brother

“Merchants Of Dreams” – 9th Wonder

“Light It Up” – Nicolay

“Make Your Move” – Hieroglyphics

“Right or Wrong” – Median

“Please Stay” – The ARE

“Pure” – Buff 1

You have to dig for some of this stuff, but I think most of it is on MySpace, iTunes or eMusic if you want to track down some snippets. I'm sure you'll notice the NC/MI emphasis, but what can I say? That's where my mind's at these days (plus the DC-area hip-hop scene leaves something to be desired).


Brown Guy

PS. I'm getting ridiculous tonight. And NO ONE can stop me.


Lighter than Muki, but darker than Kris said...

Mission accomplished. You all need to not go back to that bar ever again. Or at the very least stay downstairs.

CrazyWisdom said...

I'm not Tiger Woods' #1 fan. Far from it. Let me explain:

I don't dream about playing a round with Tiger or even shaking his hand. Nay. I dream about catching him and beating him with a birdie-birdie-birdie finish at the Masters to win my first Green Jacket. One day Tiger. I'm coming to get you.