Monday, March 3, 2008

Teaching Boys and Girls Separately

I read this article in the times and it got me thinking about how school would have been different if boys and girls were separated. Not by school, but by class. That way there is still co-ed mingling but there are no distractions in class form the opposite sex. I feel like this would have made the most impact in middle school.

For me most of my middle school years were spent playing Magic the Gathering (in front of girls), enjoying math, wearing ridiculously large coke bottle glasses and hating girls for being such bitches. Life would have been a lot better if there was separation. Boys always get along. Sure they pick on each other but it is really all in jest. There would be no competition, it would just be dudes hanging out. Likewise, I feel like one of the things girls hate most about each other is the amount of attention they do or don't get from boys. If Kelly's friend Anne gets more attention from Bobby than she does, then Kelly hates Anne. It's just the way it works.

Personally, girls didn't get along with me back then. Mostly because when they were mean to me, I would say f*ck it, I'm gonna roast you. I would then proceed to call them fat and/or ugly which would make them hate me more but also make them shut up. It was pretty terrible, but don't think you're better than me because I was a nerd and didn't pay attention to you.

Anyways, just something to think about. It's a really interesting article if you've got some time to kill.



Will said...

I liked having girls in the same class during middle school. That's when they started giving up on math and science, which made me look good.

Anonymous said...

I think girls and boys should have separate classes. Boys should take classes like math and history, and girls should take classes like cooking and laundry-folding. It would help better prepare us for the real world.

Swami Says said...

Damn skippy. Ha.