Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our new format . . .

The guys at Ibodera have decided to develop a new format for our entries, which will help us to blog on a more consistent basis. To get your scoop on your favorite topics be sure to check the schedule below.

Monday - In the news/Examples of Ibodera in the world
Tuesday - Music/Books/Video Games
Wednesday - Basketball/Other sports
Thursday - Politics/Opinions
Friday - Movies/TV Shows
Weekend - Open (Does anyone even read blogs on the weekends?)

In addition to articles we hope to drop a little knowledge about what is up and coming in the world of music, books, video games, movies and TV shows. We also hope to have some guest bloggers, so if you are interested in getting your two cents in about any of the above topics drop us a line.

~Viggy, Brown Guy, Swami, Lighter than Muki, but darker than Kris, and otherguy

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Anonymous said...

You guys suck.

~Not Brown Guy