Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A White Hot Mess

I'm probably going to start some sort of ridiculous-inner circle race war with this one. But before I move forward, let me just say that I feel I've befriended enough white people to go here. (And let's be real, 98% of everyone that I know is white...or somehow trying to be white.) And for those of you who are offended by me posting this, just remember that I'm really Cablinasian and I'm learning to play golf some day (so get off me!).

Okay, so here's the story (I'm going to go ahead and flip everyone's insides out ): Some girl I know who sleeps about four inches away from me every night put me onto this website called "Stuff White People Like." It's got some serious viral buzz behind it and the number of unique hits as well as dedicated readers is spreading like wildfire. It's a blog that basically extrapolates stereotypes about white people in a thoughtful, yet truly playful manner.

I've literally read every single one of the posts on here (there were 74 of them last time I counted). It's freaking hilarious--if not mildly offensive in the most benign sense. To all those who enjoy laughing about peoples perceived differences as much as I do, you should seriously check it out.

Now that I've "gone there," I'd be remiss if I didn't offer up some fodder for my anglo-leaning brethren who can't get enough of vicious stereotypes about black people (like we need stereotypes when we have to live with R-Kelly, Making The Band w/Diddy, BET Television and Wanda Sikes.)


Brown Guy

PS. Random as hell, but I thought you all should know that I hate Wendy's.

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K said...

dude, i just added that link to my page. i plan to read all of them (76 now) today while reportedly working.

btw, could you help a sista out and direct my blog too?