Wednesday, February 13, 2008

G-Chat: Xbox 360 and Puppies

Brown Guy: Luke just got an Xbox 360
I think I have to get one
Actually, I'm almost 100 percent sure that I have to get one

: hahaha
if you buy an xbox you have to buy me a puppy

Brown Guy
: you don't understand
i''m getting one
possibly this weekend
on credit
'cuz i don't have real money

DLP: there better be a baby labradoor attached to it

Brown Guy:
i mean, if you can take care of it and make sure it doesn't destroy my xbox or any of my sexy clothes, you can have your phukking puppy

: hahaha

Brown Guy: i don't care

you are funny

Xbox is for puppies. And Wu-Tang is for the children.


~Brown Guy


Ryan said...

its a slippery slope. viggy gets an xbox, you get an xbox, i get an xbox, we quit our jobs, grow beards and play halo for a living. nice. puppies are overrated.

Swami Says said...

You know what my dream is? To play halo while petting a puppy. Puppies rule. Get a 360. Get halo. Get pwned by me.

K said...

i'd rather have a puppy. but i can't lie... i'd probably be trying to play the xbox when you weren't looking, HA!

nina said...

i'm still waiting for my puppy.