Monday, February 4, 2008

Hear my plea

I dont like, but I really do like Barack Obama. I like that each time I type his name on my computer (which happens a lot when you work along side the campaign) his name has red lines under it because he is so unique, so different than anything this country has ever wanted to acknowledge Microsoft has yet to slide him into our electronic lexicon (change people - we need real change - not simply a newer Clinton).

Below is a link to a video. Its not the best video I've ever seen, but it quietly makes me wanna focus a little bit more on being a better dude. Enjoy:

Yes We Can

(hopefully it works as I am not fluid with internet links and what not. If not, you tube the barack obama music video "yes we can")


K said...

that video was dope. but what does have to do with it?

Other guy said...

i get the red lines under my name too. but, i always thought it meant i was special in a not special way. i like the way you look at it much better.