Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mitt Romney Is A Stupid B*tch

Mitt Romney needs to drop out. The last I checked, he hasn't won sh*t 'cept possibly the Virgin Islands and Hamtramck. Also, if I was a conservative (which contrary to popular belief, I am not), I'd be so pissed about him positioning himself as the "true conservative" in this race. This man does not have a bone of authenticity in his body. Check this out:

This is just one of a bazillian issues that he has flip-flopped on more than John Kerry at a beach eating pancakes. I'm not a violent guy, but I wouldn't mind taking time out of my day to slap Mitt Romney to sleep.

~Brown Guy


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Lighter than Muki, but darker than Kris said...


1.) Yes he is terrible.
2.) Stop pointing that out - we need him to go against Barack and get done like Lakers (Romney)/Pistons (Obama) 2004.
3.) Romney is from MI so he prob did win Hamtramick (or however the f-ck you spell it).