Monday, February 18, 2008


I've always liked Dwight Howard. But now I officially love the shit out of him. The dunk competition on Saturday night was one of the best I have seen in probably almost 20 years. It reminded me of watching Spud Webb go up against The Human Highlight Reel back in the day. How can one man jump so high. He might be the most athletic person I have ever seen in my life. I mean, he threw the ball in the basket. That's how high he was. He threw it down into the hoop.

In case you missed it...

My second favorite dunk of the night was Gerald Green's "Birthday Cake" dunk. It lost a lot of attention after DH swooped in and broke the mold, but it was an amazing dunk:

In my prime I could dunk a soccer ball. Not so sure anymore. Stop being so ridiculous people. WTF.



William said...

We were watching that while babysitting RJ's little cousins. That shit went down and I unleashed an uncontrollable torrent of swear words. I mean, I don't know shit about basketball but I do know a lot about people defying the laws of gravity, and that dude just told Newton to suck his dick.

RJ's little cousins now have the expression, "What the motherfucking fuck was that!", hard-wired into their little sponge-like brains.

Best baby-sitter, ever.

Brown Guy said...

Stop lying dude. In you prime you could get your head dunked in the toilet. That's about it.

Just kidding.

(But seriously...)

Law Revue said...

I can totally do that, too. I just choose not to.