Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Observations from the Wizards game

I attended the Wizards/Knicks game last night at the Verizon Center. I'll be honest I knew it would be terrible going in, but the free center court ticket ten rows from the floor was too good to pass up. Plus I had to get a first hand look at the train wreck that is the Knicks.

Observation #1.

Eddy Curry is fat.

I know this has already been noted everywhere, but you have to see him in person to really understand how bad it is. It literally looks like he is wearing an inner-tube under his jersey. He is big guy, but all of his weight is in his hips, stomach and ass. Curry wasn't even defending Brendan Haywood he was simply leaning on him to catch his breath.

Observation #2.

This whole "keeping the non-basketball fan interested" has gone too far.

During the second quarter the Wizards ran a promotion for Chipotle. It consisted of the mascot having a huge box of burritos from which his "helpers" proceeded to throw burritos into the crowd. Seriously? I don't want a random burrito from Chipotle that you threw at me. On the plus side Eddy Curry seemed visibly upset that he didn't manage to snag a few.

Observation #3.

The "Kiss Cam" is still great.

The highlight of the third quarter came when Jared Jefferies and Nate Robinson appeared on the "Kiss Cam" together while on the Knicks bench. When Jefferies made a face the camera quickly moved over to Eddy Curry and Isiah Thomas. That brought the crowd to its feet.

Observation #4.

Watching the Knicks play more then once could drive you insane.

I have never seen a more disorganized or disinterested team. Somehow they did win the game in OT, but that was because too many of the Wizards key players were injured and because David Lee actually got some playing time and was killing everyone. He had 19 points on 7 of 8 from the field and 5 of 5 from the line. He's really benefiting from the fact that Curry can only make it up and down the floor about 20 times in the game. Zach Randolph also played well, but I'm still waiting for him to get traded after the he gets into some trouble in a New York hotel room.

I had some other observations which had more to do with the NBA in general, but you'll have to wait as I'm tried of typing and I need to get back to work.


-Thanks to Yaysports for the photos.

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