Friday, January 11, 2008

Gmail Chat . . .

I am regularly part of many hilarious Gmail chats with Brown Guy (and others) so I thought I would start sharing some of my favorites every week or so. (The chat below happened shortly after the Mitchell Report was released.)

Me: So everyone in baseball does steroids . . . it doesn't bother me at all
Brown Guy: Me neither
frankly, I wish they did more
there would be more homeruns
that's all I care about
more homeruns
Me: Exactly, no one likes to watch "solid base hits"
Brown Guy: I'd like to watch someone hit a 700 foot homerun
I don't care if they're hopped up on Sparks and Andro
Me: You want to watch someone throw at 110 mph
Brown Guy: Yep
all that stuff
a 56 inch vertical leaper playing center field
Me: Baseball should just embrace it
Brown Guy: I think so, otherwise the sport is unbearable to watch
Me: Yeah, I feel like it's a bunch of old people who actually care
Brown Guy: "The good old days"
Me: I'm not sure anyone under 20 watches baseball
unless they are taken by old people
or need something to do while drinking during the summer
Brown Guy: Yep, baseball is terrible


K said...

you guys suck. baseball is the greatest sport ever.

Brown Guy said...

Except that it's completely terrible.