Thursday, January 24, 2008

G-Chat Part 17 Million...

I'm not too big on the whole G-Chat thing. Mostly because I just started using it recently and also because I don't have a job so I don't need it to keep my occupied while I'm getting paid. But recently Brown Guy and I noticed how if you signed up to help support Obama on his website, they ask you for money. Like every day. As if getting letters from high school and college weren't enough...

BrownGuy: Michelle Obama needs to stop asking my broke-a$$ for money fa' real, son
Me: hahaha. i know right. every day. "Swami, guess what? We had a record 100,00 people donate in just 7 days. Let's make it 125,000." shut the fuck up michelle. i don't have any money. stop asking me.
Brown Guy: lol exactly
Me: if so many people are donating, why not just say thank you for your support. why is it every day she is tryin to blow up my spot. the worst is when barack does it because then i feel bad. he's like "Swami, we're making a real change in the world. Anything you can give would be amazing!" And I'm like damn Barack, why you gotta tell me personally. It's so much harder saying no to you than to your annoying wife.
BrownGuy: hahahaha. This is true. Saying no to Barack himself is real tough. It's like scolding a concept.
Dear "inspiration," please stop bothering me about money, but please keep inspiring me. it just doesn't work
Me: hahahahaha. it's a catch 22. it's also bull shit. they should do a background check before they ask me for money. then they would see it's a waste of time
BrownGuy: i do know this, whenever i finally do get some money and donate, i'm going to leave a really snarky testimonial
like "here's a little bit of cash. btw, i pooped my pants thinking about how sweet it would be if you were president. now please leave me alone." --Brown Guy
Me: "PS - Please tell your wife to stop shakin me down. She's worse than the mob."
BrownGuy: seriously



Anthony said...

I actually work with the Obama campaign and even though I give all of my time and get paid nothing extra - they still ask for money. I don't even get free t-shirts. (But then again, I hear HRC is making staffers give blood so she can stay alive)

Swami Says said...

Hahaha. No free t-shirts?? Half the reason I'm voting for Obama is because I want to buy the t-shirt that says, "Barack The Vote"

You need to steal some stuff man, like a mug or some pens or something.