Saturday, January 12, 2008

More Gmail Chat . . .

Me: We need to go to Guarapo sometime, the menu looks delicious
Brown Guy: You mean I can eat skewers and then smoke hookah?
this is simply too good to be true
Me:I've never been there for dinner just drinks
they have Lomo Saltado and according to the menu
Salted Strip of Lion?????
Brown Guy: Um
Me: Lion?
Brown Guy: For real?
Me: I dunno, that's what it says
Brown Guy: That seems illegal
(and i want some)
Me: Maybe its slang for something else?
The menu says it's $15 and it comes with fries
Brown Guy: It's probably a pork chop
if that's not actual lion, I'm going to be angry
dude, we're going there
and if we can't eat lion, I'm flipping the table and running out
Me: Haha
they also have salmon
Brown Guy: No
can you image how you'll feel after eating the king of the jungle?
I can't wait
Me: Yeah I googled every combination of "eating" and "lion" I could think of there is no mention of anything related
they must have misspelled "loin"
Brown Guy: Well now it's on my brain and I won't stop until it happens


Swami Says said...

Brown Guy, stop trying to eat everything that moves. Cut that out. You're gonna get Ebola or something one of these days.

Anonymous said...

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