Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Who Is The Real R-Kelly of Basketball?

Hmm. I do wonder.

Folks, one of my good friends/co-bloggers "Swami-Says" or "Viggy" will go down in history as the R-Kelly of basketball. Right now, it's a toss-up and it's up to you to decide which one of them fits the bill. But let's review the facts, shall we? On one hand,

  • Swami-Says penned a song called "You Remind Me (of Rasheed)" that he sings to girls on karaoke night. And in case you were wondering, this goes over extremely well with the ladies. The lyrics go like this:
  • You remind me of something I just can't think of what it is

    [1] - You remind me of Rasheed, You cry like a baby,

    You know I like that sound, I wanna give you a tissue,
    Girl you look just like my gym floor, I wanna wax it

    And something like my technical foul
    I wanna get fined for $10,000, baby
  • Swami-Says's also eats, sleeps and sharts basketball and yells out "LET IT RAIN" when the weather turns funky. (copyright Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Along Came Polly)
  • Swami-Says implores a traveling mural/alter, as well as dedicated apartment space to "The Bad Boys" and their short shorts-wearing team.
On the other hand,
  • Viggy has a propensity to continuously declare that he is "tired of playing" or does "not feeling like playing" and then forgoes all else to play pickup basketball 8 out of 7 days a week come hell or high water. He once explained to me the failure of his words and actions to congeal by saying, and I quote, "Kris, my minds telling me no-000. But my body. My booooody's tellin' me yea-eah!!"
  • Viggy also has the penchant for soliciting support for books, utilizing the undeniable logic that says 'if the author has a wicked jump shot, his or her book must be good.' I simply can't argue with that.

Now it's up to you readers to decide. Sound off on our message board and let me know who the real sultan of basketball love truly is.

~Brown Guy

PS. I realize that it's "on" now. Sux.

PPS. One of the funniest lines ever put to screen is that old woman on the Chappelle Show who uttered, "that's my Robert. Always peeing on people." Indeed.


M. Viggy said...

I haven't played in 18 hours . . . my hands are shakey.

Nina said...

Close call...having personally attended a R.Kelly concert, and having nick-named a close friend from highschool "R.Kelly" due to her believing she could fly, I possess the necessary expertise to cast my vote for Swami-says, mostly based on his skin tone.

Swami Says said...

I'm in the closet and this other guy came in. So I pulled my gun. And I sat there. For many hours dawg. Man it was hot. People was fightin and I was peein.