Friday, January 25, 2008

Um Rambo XVII Anyone?

I would guess Swami Says and Brown Guy will have much more to say about this. Until then take a bite of this.

Stallone says he was surprised that the Motion Picture Association of America gave the film an R rating: "When babies are being bayonetted and people are being flamed, I thought this will never go." But he told the ratings board, "I said guys, this is happening today -- and if we're ever going to do something that responds, where art has the ability to influence people's awareness and impact the lives of these people, don't dilute it, don't water it down. . . . Don't cut away too soon. Let it sink it. I want people to feel it. To their credit, they allowed this film to be as truthful as it could."

I never really made it past "babies . . . being bayonnetted"



Swami Says said...

Just got back from the movie. It needs to win an Oscar.

Brown Guy said...

The last half hour was so ridiculous. The ripping out of the throat. The WII bomb. The turret gun. I came back home and did 200 pushups.