Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Vistabula the Chicago Story

(A Continuation of NBA News)

Our team of beat reporters and bloggers attended last nights Cook County Recreational C League Game between the Deerpark Water Playaz and the Jordan 2K7's. The Playaz came away with a 72-56 victory in which Ramana Vistabula's replacement Chaoom Armstrong (league rookie) dominated the defensive paint. Armstrong shattered the league records for blocks in a game with 4 and also drew three charges.

"So much more graceful and mobile then Vistabula," gushed Harry Jefferson of the Cook County Recreational Services.

"He (Armstrong) was everywhere on the court, it's really tough to get shots up over him," said Casey Kimm of the 2K7's.

"An enforcer," said Tighe Moon of the 2K7's.

What follows are excepts taken from an extensive interview with Edward Purnell coach/general manager/owner/player/team doctor/ballboy/cheerleader of the Deerpark Water Playaz.

"It was tough to let Vistabula go, but the $22.56 was enough to help put us under the Gatorade cap number for next season. That gives us more flexibility in the long run and hopefully we'll be able to bring in some flavors to supplement our current supply of Gatorade Fierce Grape."

On the teams newest addition Chaoom Armstrong.

"Armstrong was unbelievable tonight. I've never seen anyone control the defensive paint like that. The idea to bring Armstrong on came to me at work today after I realized we would struggle to replace Vistabula's defense. I was watching the Better Basketball video series and they were working on a shooting drill using a broom to encourage the players to shoot the ball with more arc. The coach would run at the shooter with the broom and the player would be forced to put the shot up higher to avoid being blocked. So after lunch I taped a broom to an extra folding chair we had and Chaoom Armstong was born."

On the name.

"Armstrong happened to be the name brand of the broom. . . "

Our team gathered some additional quotes and stories from Purnell and other players on both teams, so look for an overall update from Chicago in the coming days. We'll hopefully be joining you from L.A. soon to give you an update on Vistabula's progress.

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Brown Guy said...

Hahaha. Awesome. A broom taped to a chair. I didn't see that one coming. Well, at least Mr. Vistabula didn't get replaced by some oxygen wearing a headband and Dunk Pros...