Friday, January 25, 2008

I know, I know

I promised I would post on Thursdays, but post # 2 into my endeavor and I've already failed. All I can say is, exams are no joke. Until I post for real, here are some fun thoughts...

The mayor committed perjury, and has cost this city nine million dollars thus far! Hooray! Everyone knows that the solution to the D's (official new nickname as voted on by City Council) money woes is donating what little money the taxpayers give to benevolent and scrupulous lawyers! Seriously thought, KK has got to go. I wonder how he'll get out of perjury. Also, as everyone should know by now, if you wrote it in an email or text, someone will find it. Hell, even if it was written with rocks on an island a satellite would probably snap a picture of it. If you are the mayor, are under oath and have both sent and received salacious sex text messages - don't lie about it.

Federer lost! Thank goodness. I know, I know - he may be the best ever. But his barely rivaled (save for Nadal at the French) march into the history books is upsetting, especially for an unabashed Sampras admirer. I appreciate Federer's game as much as any tennis fan - it's beautiful and almost always in "LeBron James video game mode." But hearing him talk post match about how beautiful and amazing his game is grates the nerves. I suppose what bothers me the most is that people try to pass him of as "so humble." Please, he's the Apocalypse of arrogant. That being said, he may be the greatest ever in the game, so he's earned that right. Just don't pass it off as being humble.

My thesis is relevant! Still, I wouldn't worry about mercury in fish too much unless I was currently with child, planning (in the next year or so) to be, or a child younger than five. The guidelines for safe exposure for metals such as mercury and lead are set so that the most susceptible groups will be safe, i.e. we usually err on the side of caution. Still, the amounts of mercury they are talking about in the article are really high and I would not want anyone with developing nervous systems anywhere near the tuna it's contained in.

Holy sh@t. I can't express how wrong this is.

On second thought, I think this counts as my post.

Other guy.


M. Viggy said...

Another interesting story about mercury.

Cutri said...

This is why i love the NYT...
They post this pic in the sidebar showing the levels of mercury in the tuna from the different resurants and markets in NYC that they tested. They have a whole paragraph devoted to their method of determining the levels. Then the last line says, "Levels below are for the piece of sushi with the HIGHEST level of mercury at each place." (emphasis added) Check it out for yourself:

Why would you go through the process of taking into account statistical variability only to report the maximums? Other than to give your report the guise of science while still getting the big numbers to report.

otherguy said...


I don't think the NYT is alone in spinning statistics and taking them out of context to create hype and interest. Is it wrong? Sure. Are they the only ones practicing this "guise," as you put it? Not even close.

cutri said...

i never meant that the NYT was the only one doing, i just thought it strange how blatant it was. All new agencies do it.

on the other hand, their crossword is excellent though. i passed the time in many a class while trying to complete it.

Anthony said...

Thank you, Other Guy. I have been dying to address the perpetual coon-boon-foonery of Kwame "Dream Killer" Kilpatrick. I mean seriously - when it is finally going to be enough for the federal government to step in and take over? At the very least, Detroit needs to be done eminent domain style by the feds to put an end to the national embarrassment which is the political leadership in metro "D". If I had to place bets, I'd bet Kenya would get their shit worked out faster.


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